Oh you know!

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Well what can I say?  I just read about one of my favorite authors and bloggers and find out that they have halted all activity on their site. I am of course talking about SonicFreedom Productions.   It seems that they have had the same problem that I have had with the Aydellon. No I am not saying that the publishers of S.F.P went to India and their hard drive crashed that held all of the raw material for their site. I mean advertisement. How do you let others know you have something great? In the day of the internet all things can be accessed but it has made it nearly impossible to get new readers. At least for me. I have been toying with the idea of hosting other peoples work and blogs on this site. I think it would help everyone. So perhaps the founder of SFP would want to post some of her blogs and stories on the Aydellon site. Cute kitten can then continue to post her blogs and maybe we can do something fun and get this old site up and running. If anyone wants in on this endeavor please contact me and lemme know.

And now a blog that I have no idea what it is about.

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As you may notice I have been away, but my intern has written a blog that I have not the foggiest idea what she is talking about. Here it is in it’s entirety. Complete and uncut. Digitally restored…….

Leo Valdez appreciation day






Hi Monet here to talk about Leo Valdez I am not sure if I have told you but I love Percy Jackson like more than anything and my favorite character is from the heroes of Olympus is Leo Valdez he is totally awesome. He is the best, if you haven’t read Percy Jackson then you won’t understand but Leo Valdez is a character from the series. Any way “May 2nt  2014” is Leo Valdez appreciation day so to show your appreciation, and to prove he’s not just the seventh wheel write “Leo Valdez” or “all da ladies love Leo” (like from the book LOL) on your arm. then draw and find pics of Leo Valdez and post then post them all over face book, instagram, MySpace (ya I know that’s old but hey come on give me some slack) , and any other social network. If you have no idea what I am talking about then just write Leo Valdez on your arm and when people say “what is that?” just say “happy Leo Valdez appreciation day!” So for Leo Valdez appreciation day I made this



I love those sayings. So please go under “contact me” and email my dad all your Leo Valdez fan art I will post it on my blog, I am totally exited. I recently read the “House of Hades” it was amazing I loved it I do not recommend it for children younger than 12 it was just kind of adult book it had some very PG13 content but other than that is was amazing I can’t wait for the next book I am a huge fan of Percy Jackson if you have read the book then you can tell me what your fav. character is on comments. I also like the Eragon series I am on book two “Eldest” I am starting on the hunger games as well. Happy Leo Valdez appreciation day :D.

It was also recently save the frog day and I love frogs I couldn’t do much to spread frog awareness on that day but I can now. Frogs are dying every where due to habitation loss and pollution frogs are an incredible species without them insects would over run and over populate earth. so stop polluting little things can help every day things make huge differences like buying aluminum water bottles instead of the disposable kind and not using too much plastic watch your driving many frogs are dying of road kill SAVE THE FROGS happy save the day 😀


Love Monet <3

Cartoonist will work for comic books

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Ahhhh, life. Life is a many splendid thing.  Its been called a great juggling act. Life has been compared to a long distance race. Today I am feeling like life is like a chicken. You didn’t expect that did you? Lemme explain. You see when a chicken is conceived there are many things that it has no control over but are imperative to its’ existence. It needs heat first of all. We all know that, but did you know that the mother hen has to constantly move the egg around? That if the egg was not constantly moved the chick would die?  Think about it, when you sleep you move around quite a bit. I knew a person who was bed ridden and he had to have a nurse move his body from one side to the other through out the day because if he did not he would get bed sores. Yuck. So back to this little chicken. He’s in an egg and all he can do is grow. The hen has to sit on the egg and provide heat, protection and movement. This goes on for many about 21 days. Who knows what the chick is thinking but if he is anything like us he won’t remember a thing, but unlike a human birth the little baby chick must now get out of this shell….all by himself. The mother can do nothing to help him. He has grown and moved with the help of gigantic mama hen, but now he must break out all by himself.. or herself.  He has gifts that his creator God has given him to do this, like an egg tooth and a pre-programmed instinct to break out. For all his known life this chick has been able to grow at his own leisure, but now he knows if he does not break out of his egg, he will…die. You see the eggs life support system is shutting down. Imagine that this chick has been in a little space capsule and now the alarm is going off, the red lights and flashing and there is a voice over the intercom saying,”WARNING! WARNING! LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEMS FULL SHUTDOWN IN T-MINUS 4 HOURS…” The mother hen calls to her chicks clucking encouraging to them as she hears them peeping inside their shells. The chicks must now start hammering at the top of their shell like like a his prison breaking out his cell.  There is a little patch of air left inside the shell, just enough for that chick to breath as he pounds with his beak against the once unbreakable wall. The air is running out! He must break through! This is exhausting work for one who has never even been born yet, and still he pounds away…he takes many breaks and rests, then starts again. For hours and hours and hours he hits the same spot over and over again, all the time resting in-between. The chick probably does not know this but the harder he works the stronger he gets. What emotion is he feeling? Anger? Frustration? Desperation? What ever he is feeling , it propels him to break out of his prison. The resistance of that solid egg shell is actually giving him more strength then he has ever had in his life. At last he breaks out! The first breath of air! The triumph of life over death! but there is little time to celebrate he must remove himself completely from the sticky shell. Now he is not only ramming with his head but kicking with all his might. Kicking! If he stops now, does not kick but is satisfied with just having his head out, he will be crippled for life and inevitably  die. So he continues to kick, claw and jack hammer it with his mouth. Until he at last emerges complete from the shell! He dries, he rests, he does not eat for a day or two and then he learns to be a chicken. So there you have it. Does it sound like your life? No? ……Really…? Ok…How about this, a rabbi a cowboy and a rooster walk into a bar……..blocks_image_0-animated-gif-background_new

Introducing Cartoonnaught Monet

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Monet the girl from the future is now going to do some of the blog spots around here, Please be kind to her as she does not spell as well as I dew. So with out further adieu, I present Monet…

Hi ya’all

Hi Aydellon fans, star-chaser here, I am starting a blog on Aydellon and soon you’ll know why, so first I’ll just talk about me. My real name is Monet and I will be 13 on the 27 of this month I am the craziest person I know, and I love cats, like really, really, really love them. My friends call me a cat because I will meow for no apparent reason  and act like a cat that includes scratching things like tables or boys [not very hard as a joke usually] I love my little pony’s and unitatos [ half unicorn half potato look them up ] don’t worry though I’m not psycho. I’m just really weird, on top of all this I have a really weird family they are never really content staying in one place every 6 months its time to move to a new country my little bothers are fairly normal you know loud annoying making fart noises every where my mom is fairly normal to cooking, cleaning, sewing, yelling at every one to clean their rooms then there’s my dad he is really strange he has a strange obsession with chickens, he walks around the house making funny noises and quoting lines from movies that I am not aloud to see like nacho librey and zoolander which I have not seen and know nothing about he is also DR. L P Beltran yep that why I’m on here this is DR.B’s daughters blog so now after thinking why is this weirdo talking about herself on the Aydellon your questions have been answered I am here to ramble on about my strange and bizarre life for a wile so stay tuned post comments and try not to get to weirded out or fall asleep meow



PS I love the Aydellon bawk bawk



How slow can you go

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So what is happening to the Aydellon website you might ask? Well, I suppose I better come clean. In a nutshell this is what has been happening. My hard drive drove off a cliff with all my aydellon pages and so I had to start from scratch! ouch. So I thought now would be the time to redo the whole site and put in little stories that I have been wanting to share but could never figure out where they fit. And so I have done that. I also wanted to add more videos and an easier way to share them on line, I have done that also. New site, new look, new content. We had a pretty serious sickness in the family and I had put many things on hold but now we are back in business, aaaand I am traveling around the United States speaking at churches and talking to people about this whole Godly animation thing I am doing. (We are going to tour Pixar this week, how fun is that?!)  So please take another look at the comic, I am still trying to work out the bugs, and there are many of them, but we have new videos and new comics and more new stuff on the way!  Life is hard but God is good!


You still there?

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Welcome back!

We have been hard at work for a little over two weeks.  We’re back and ready to roll! Please let me know  when something is not working properly or if something looks not right.  More to come, stay tuned!  We have been offline for a little over three weeks now, but have now decid

ed to publish this site even though all of the kinks have not been worked out. So please lemme know  when something is not working properly or if something looks not right. If all goes right you should be able to view a mini comic and the Aydellon Deluge comic underneath it. We will be adding more to this as time goes by so stay tuned!



LORD of the Hard drives

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My hard drive with all my pictures from Hawaii, Israel and India died on me. So what do I do? I do what every God trusting bible believing cartoonist does. I pray for the hard drive to come back to life. Then when that didn’t work I sent it off to a place that repairs hard drives. A month later they contact me and say it will cost 1ooo dollars. ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS.
Oh sure, lemme just get that from my wallet. So that leaves me back to praying for a miracle. In the book of Corinthians it is state that there are various gifts that God gives to people. Kinda like super powers. There is a gift of healing and a gift of miracles. Did you catch that? Two different type of powers. Healing and then miracles. That’s pretty sweet. I think I would like to wield either of those. If you read the bible you can’t help but noticing that a lot of kooky things happen. Things like ax heads floating in water, angels appearing and other SUPERnatural events. Now cut back to 2013. I don’t think I have ever seen a real honest to goodness miracle. Did those things just stop happening? Do they still happen but just in places like darkest Africa or some mountain top in the Andes? In America we have a couple of miracle workers that dress, talk and do strange things. They are called televangelist. Many people ridicule and judge them. I won’t. I don’t know any of them and have never talked to them. I don’t really follow any of them and aside from watching some crazy youtube videos on them I really don’t know anything about them. I do know that most believers rate them right up there with car salesmen and Real Estate agents. I would say just from the looks of them they do appear to be selling something. But now back to miracles. Can God heal my hard drive. Of course he can. Do I believe he WILL heal my hard drive? aahhh, now we are getting to the problem. Maybe. Here is a list of reasons why he won’t heal my drive and the rebuttle

1. It’s trivial, there is so much suffering in the world, why ask for something so seemly small?
REBUTTAL 1. God says to ask and pray about EVERYTHING. Acknowledge him in ALL MY ways and he will direct my paths. Looks to me like nothing is too big or too small.

2. It’s never happened before.
REBUT2 Maybe it has happened before how would I know? Also God tends to do new things.

3. My lack of faith. Unbelief
REBUT3 Okay, you got me there. That would disqualify me. My faith does waver. Are there any stories of people not believing that God will do something and he does it anyways? The only one I can think of is when the Jesus asked this guy if he really believed that Jesus could heal his son and the man replied ” …Help my unbelief” So he was doubting but asked God to help him anyways, and you know what? God healed his son.

4. The great unsearchable MYSTERY of God. There is a lesson I need to learn. (back up the work on two drives?) There is something that I just can’t see , a wonderful perfect, cosmic reason for my drive pooping out on me when I need it the most,……..Annnnnnnnd I will never know untill I go to heaven, ’cause mums the word.
REBUT4. Does God really need to teach me a lesson like this? Do I really need frustration and sadness in my life? Can’t God teach through other things besides pain? How could Gods way be a way of pain? oh, wait the cross…..hmm nevermind.
So in the end. I still have no idea. But until God speaks to me and shows me that he really wants me to stop praying for a fixed hard drive, sick free children, better job, and super powers, I will continue to pray.

selfish chicken

Change? Do you have any spare Change?

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change Change. change is not always easy.

Oh boy! Oh boy! What do you do when life gives you lemons? You make lemonade , of course! As you may or may not know, my hard drive went the way of all flesh, except it was not flesh but in fact made out of non living material. Aah but I digress. My hard drive held all the secrets of the Aydellonian universe! Years and years of work all gone in a cackle of crow!  So, where does that lead me?  I have come to the decision to do something completely new!  Don’t worry I will be working on the Aydellon Deluge storyline  while I post new comics, so please just be patient as I get things back in order.

You see it takes me at least 8 hours to do one page! No joke! I had all of my elements already drawn and the storyline all set out. But now I will need to start from scratch.  Yes, this is frustrating and yes it feels wrong that I can work so hard and have all of my efforts turn into smoke, but what can I do?  I have to believe that God is in control here and that I need to regroup and progress forward.  Here is how the Aydellon website is going to change.

1. The Aydellon Deluge storyline will start from the beginning of the story. This will be a great time for new readers to jump on in and for old readers to review the story and for me to make corrections on the many typos and continuity mistakes.

2. There will be a new never before seen mini comics every Thursday for your enjoyment.  These  mini comics will be like the “Aloha” comic and will also feature new characters like Colonel Barley Spoon the Wandering Gerbil. Trust me this is fun stuff.

3.  We will have guest blogs and stories and comics from other creative contributors! This is where you get to put up any stories or blogs or anything that you want to share. It will be like the fan page except it will be hosted by a little girl who is about to turn 13 and really wants her own blog page.

The Deluge story will pick up right where it left so stay tuned, we have many fun and exciting things in store!


Welcome to the other side of Aydellon

we have been offline for a little over two weeks now, but have now decided to publish this site even though all of the kinks have not been worked out. So please lemme know  when something is not working properly or if something looks not right. If all goes right you should be able to view a mini comic and the Aydellon Deluge comic underneath it. We will be adding more to this as time goes by so stay tuned!