The Cast



The hero and lead character of the story.  He is righteous and follows the word of The Great Creator more than anyone of his generation. He is a simple farmer raising enough food for himself and those that are needy. He never fits in, he is a real loner,  even more so than Ku. He always sets himself apart from the others as he does not allow himself to indulge in the mindless and hurtful pleasures. Koa is not a perfect moral being, he is just the only one who still reads and/ or believes the holy writings of the ancients. He is a man of faith and holds desperately to his belief in The Creator. Like all creatures he can fight,  but is not good and it. Koa  is physically weaker and less skilled than Ku. Koa loves his uncle and always hopes for the best but expects the worst. His uncle is older than him but has never been any type of father figure or really too helpful. Koa is a CHEEKYMONKY. The Cheekymonkies are monkey- like creatures who are very proud of their tails. Cheekymonkies  are  not  particularly magical creatures such as say elves or fairies, and are  rather common to the area that Koa and Ku are from. They are known for not being adventurous.






She is a chicken, the faithful dog of the group. She follows Koa everywhere. She is a Disney- type animal that cannot speak but seems to understand what’s being said. She provides an egg every day(useful for kus gun) and is capable of fluttering a few feet. She provides koa with unquestioning loyalty and companionship.  She can sense danger better than koa can but has no magical abilities.  She can and will defend her master but possesses no real threat to danger.





He is the trickster, the bad boy, selfish and self centered. Ku was hurt a long time ago and has had to grow up with hurt since he was a small child.  He is strong but not bulky.  A tall lean fighting machine,  Ku is well adept with weapons (guns and noodles).  Like Koa,  he does not fit in or “belong”,  not because he is righteous but because he is lazy and has no practical purpose.  Ku is not dependable, he is a drifter who has never settled.  He is Koa’s uncle, so he tends to hang around Koa’s house. There is a relationship there that has grown between the two. Ku feels a certain affection for Koa and will look out for him in a very low profile way. Deep down Ku really does care about Koa.  Ku knows that Koa is the only friend that he has.   Ku is not a thug, that would take too much work and taking orders from others.  Ku does not go out of his way for anything. He is, at his heart, lazy and does not want to make things difficult for himself in any way. Ku never wants to talk about it, but somehow he got his tail cut off years ago. A crushing
shame for any cheekyemonky.





He is a magical creature, the sage and mystical one, whereas Koa follows God by faith and the word of God. The unicow follows by faith and personal experience. He is wise but is not as familiar with the scriptures as Koa is. He can therefore be deceived. He is good and helpful and realizes that The Creator has put Koa as the leader.  The unicow’s input is generally sound. A fierce warrior,  he has unknown origins but was raised by the unicorns of the forest. He is older than most of the group even older that the dragon. His magic is very similar to unicorns and his horn has healing when it touches water (making his weakness and usefulness shown when water is not present). He is nearly impossible to capture.  His magic is that he can run into the forest and disappear. The only sure way of capturing him is by a fair maiden luring him and putting a rope around his neck, then he is helpless and can be lead away. He is extreamly strong and like magical oxen he can pull and push extreme weights. As a warrior he can use his horn and added ox strength so he is even more powerful than a unicorn in battle. He can take more than Koa and Ku but less than the dragon. Rough,  rugged and gentle,  the unicow is an important part of the group. When things are going well he enjoys humor, subtle jokes and light hearted fellowship.





Sometimes just called “Fairy” by Koa and the rest. As Ku says, “So is your first name “tooth” and your last name “fairy”?   She is sweet and naive,  like a cute little girl.  She does not know malice but is well acquainted with fear.  She is delicate and good natured but like a child she can brood and cry. She is not a little girl though, she is a magical creature that is a fairy. Though one of the lesser fairies, her powers include flight, invisibility, and a magic wand that has complete power over teeth, anyone’s teeth. She has not the imagination for doing harmful things so she does not use her powers as effectively as the others would like. She does not like to cause or see pain, but on rare occasions, will, if she needs to.   She has a child’s faith and is trusting.  She is the easiest to dupe because she is so naïve and wants to believe that everyone will choose good over evil. She is cute and feminine, gentle, caring, compassionate and nurturing.  She is also the only girl of the group (well the chicken is a hen). Like the unicorn she is a magical creature and can do many things. She loves her fairy folk friends and family and is extremely sad that the majority have gone over to the bad side. Physically she is the weakest and most delicate of the group. She provides the much needed warmth and strong compassion to a pretty much all ugly male cast (All right, maybe not ugly but not as cute as the fairy).





obviously the most physically powerful of the group. He’s a full blown fire breathing dragon, not a gigantic red dragon  but one of the smaller green dragons.  He can fly and is nearly invulnerable to heat and burns and is able to blow fire. About 4-5 times bigger than the unicow,  he can easily fight off  all but the biggest creatures. He is no fighter,  neither is he a dainty (like the reluctant dragon), but is all business. He is, in fact,  a businessman. Of course he is into gold, jewels and treasures in general. He is very wealthy and the financier of the whole operation. His second love is sweets which he hordes as much as gold.  Like a naturally big person he has never had to show his strength or prove his might. He’s a dragon, greedy and obsessed with profit. He does not kill maidens or fight knights,  he is a banker.  Other dragons steal and kill for their treasure, since that is not to his taste, and he is not one of the huge red dragons.  He has made his wealth by owning a shop/bank and buys and sells.  To make more profit he is a blacksmith, a darned good one too.






Foo Foo is a pooka and a bounty hunter.  Sounds strange?  If you know what a pooka is (remember that old Jimmy Stewart movie, Harvey?) and you know what a bounty hunter is (think Boba Fett) you can get a pretty good idea. But I don’t want to give too much away so you’ll have to wait to see what he looks like!




all evil all the time. There is no good in the robots.  No thoughts of repentance, they are inhuman and cold. They do have emotions though… anger, rage, and jealousy. They are like the Greek gods,  mingling in mortal affairs and generally causing pain and oppression. Their origins are a mystery to the inhabitants of the Aydellon and they seem to have spawned somewhere in antiquity. They rule over the people and though they are not the cause of evil, they always encourage it. They are power hungry and will ruin the Aydellon if not stopped. The people  are quite taken with them and are joining them by the truck loads. No one has the moral fiber that it takes to stand up to the robots so they end up  joining them or at the least not resisting their rule.  The robots hate, absolutely hate,  the old way and traditions, the very things that Koa holds to.




GRIFFONS/ opinicus..

Griffons also exist. They are sacred and noble creatures that are usually priests, not to be confused with opinicus, which are angels, messengers of THE CREATOR. Griffons have lion back feet and eagles’ front claws. They are not half as powerful as an Opinicus and they are mortal,  hatched from eggs. Opinicus have the body of a lion and unlike griffons, all four feet are lions paws. They are much bigger and robust. Griffons look nimble compared to Orphius.  Opinicus cannot be defeated and when they battle mortals it is not really a battle but more of a slaughter. Opinicus are rare, never seen except on the rarest of all occasions. They are the Creator’s mouthpiece to the Aydellon. Since the fall, the Creator never shows himself to his creation but instead speaks through his messengers.



Seen only once, many consider Him to be only a legend . Koa believes the Creator is alive and real. Koa  is the keeper of the Sacred Scrolls that tell the history of the Aydellon and some say even it’s future. According to the Scrolls The Great Creator is said to be all knowing all powerful, full of justice, mercy, slow to anger, and full of compassion.  Koa’s world tends to see Him as aloof, uncaring and petty.