The Comic


Greeting and Solutions My name is Leonardo Beltran and I have created  the Aydellon. A world where giant chickens, dragons, majestic griffons, orcs, fairies, beautiful unicorns and face book loving goblins abound! It’s also a world under a curse, an evil enchantment that has rendered Aydellon corrupt by the dark giant robots.




The first book is called Deluge, which is based on the story of Noah’s Ark. The story takes place on the egg shaped world of Aydellon whose  inhabitants have long been under the sway of the tyrannical Giant Robots who have outlawed all references to an ancient religion know only as the Sacred..  The Sacred deity known as The Ancient of Days  is shrouded in mystery has not been heard from for hundreds of years. The whole world is about to be destroyed and only a small handful will live to see it’s destruction and rebirth.






Questions & Answers


Below are some answers to questions you may have about The Aydellon. If you have any other questions please feel free to drop me an email.  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If this is your first time , start at the the AYDELLON WORLD then read about THE CAST.  When you hit the home button that will take you to the most RECENT AND UPDATED page from the book of the Aydellon Deluge series.  If you want to start at the very beginning  just  hit the arrow that says “First”. That will take you to the first comic page ( the prologue page) .  Just follow the arrows on the bottom of the comic.  “First” is the first page of the book.  ” Next” takes you to the next page and so on…you can check in once a week to see the most recent comic page.

Can I buy Aydellon stuff?

So glad you asked! Yes ! I will soon have a  store up, and hope to  have all kinds of goodies and contests!

Original art from the strip! Shirts, posters, and all kinds of cool stuff!  So, make sure you check it out. Of course, all of this will happen when I can get some fans… like millions of them. Well,  maybe not millions but at least more than my own kids.

Can I buy the comic in print?

soon…real soon.


Is this a Christian comic or ministry?

I am a Christian, so the work that I do, I do for the glory of God in Christ.  The content of these comics are not meant for Christians only, far from it. But it is more targeted to those that can  appreciate the deeper spiritual themes. The Aydellon basically takes bible stories and principles and retells them like a parable. If you are savy in the bible you should be able to find the parallels. I don’t want to give everything away but the name of this particular Aydellon series is called “Deluge” so you can guess what bible story this comic is based on.

For more information see The Aydellon world

Is this a childrens comic?

No, not exclusively , however,  I wrote it for children in that I purposely left out any questionable language and sexy or excessively violent  images. I got sick and tired of not being able to read comics to my children, so I wrote my own!  But it’s not all “Care Bears” and “Veggie Tales”.  The Aydellon deals with very adult themes like death and temptation and evil. Oh yes,  they do shoot guns that fire eggs that can be lethal. See the Aydellon world for more info.

Whats the deal with chickens?

I like chickens.  I have several pet chickens and, yes,  I eat them too ( not the pets though!). I think they are funny birds and they make great pets. So I made a whole world that has a lot of chickens.  Also, eggs are very important to the overall storyline. So keep an eye on the eggs!


How often will you update the site?

My goal is once a week, but I am a husband and parent of 3 young children and work full time,  but I will really try to update every week. I WILL UPDATE AND ADD A NEW PAGE EVERY THURSDAY.

Please feel free to contact me and ask any other questions and I will post it here.

Why does the artwork look different from page page?

Oh ah….. well… ahem.  You see this is a work in progress.  I have learned a lot from when I drew the first page. As the story progresses there will be a lot more consistency in the artwork. No, really!!!

What is the Deluge series? Will there be more comics? What happened before the deluge story line?

Whoa! Slow down! These are all great questions! The Deluge series is the story of Koa and his friends.  They have an incredible adventure but that is not the end! It goes on with a new set of characters and storyline all from the same Aydellon world. And yes, there was a lot of history that went on before Koa. Yup, it all comes together.
In the Aydellon history,  the Deluge series happens pretty early.  My hope is that I will be able to finish the Deluge series and move forward to the events that happened after Koa. Yes, I know I’m doing the George Lucas thing by not starting at the beginning, but my hope is that at the end of Deluge you will want to know how Koa and his friends got there!  Did you see that chap up there carrying that egg on his shoulders? Well, that happens after Deluge. Notice how the drawing style is very different from Deluge?  Each graphic novel will have a different look to it! Pretty cool huh? Well back to work!  There’s a whole lot of stories to tell!