The World


Hello and welcome to the Aydellon!  The Aydellon world is like ours but different in that there are no humans. In fact all of the inhabitants that speak represent humanity. All those that do not speak are animals. The Aydellon animals consist of birds. Dogs and cats are replaced by chickens and roosters.  Animals don’t talk, so if you see a chicken or a stork or a duck, they don’t talk. However if you see a lion or a dog or a lizard, they talk. Got it?  No? Well trust me, it will all make sense later.

The World of Aydellon is like a Narnian or Middle Earth world in that there are mythical and fairy- like creatures.  The big difference is that this is not necessarily restricted to medieval times.

Most people have a very simple way of life, but technology is not unknown, and machines are widely used  when needed, side by side with old fashioned ox carts (chicken carts actually).  Just because people live a simple life does not mean that they are good people. The world is ruled by a large group of GIANT ROBOTS,  have appealed to peoples’ darker side and have swayed most of the population to follow them,  forgetting the past and all of the hope and knowledge along with it!

THE PAST- In the not too distant past, much has happened. Many of the important things have been orally passed down and then written down. They were once held sacred but  the Robots have outlawed all references to the past and the traditions of Antiquity have all been outlawed.

NOW TO WEAPONS-  pay attention now, this is important. They do not use swords.( I don’t know about you, but I was getting bored of swords in every single fantasy movie, book and game!) They use noodles and egg shooters.


EGG SHOOTER- uses eggs as bullets and they can be shot with such force that they can explode on impact.  The egg might be rotten or the chickens can be fed certain things and potions so that they eggs they shoot have different abilities. They also use noodles.

NOODLES-  look like those Styrofoam water noodles that kids play with in pools. The noodles take a good amount of skill to use and in the right hands a warrior can become a formidable adversary. They take the amount of force and extrapolate it. So a small push can kick down a small hole in a wall and a well aimed noodle can easily knock a person many feet in the air.  The noodles can be made to fit in a pouch or deep pocket as they can collapse. They also can be brought out and caused to spring up like a light saber!  (A skilled noodle fighter can do this and knock his enemies back!)  As mentioned,  if the wielder of the noodle does not know how to use it properly he can knock himself back. It takes some skill and practice to be really good. In that way,  it is like a sword.  Any brute can hack with a sword but a skilled swordsman is much valued.

NOW TO BABIES- everyone lays eggs, all females lay eggs, no one is born without hatching from an egg.  AND the eggs are delivered by a STORK! It’s a myth in our world but in the Aydellon it’s a fact. I know it sounds weird but those are the facts of life in the Aydellon!

The Aydellon technology consists of gadgets and all sorts of what might otherwise be magical devices.  It is a very “Dr. Seuss”/ Warner Bros. technology with gloved hands attached to long arms. They do have vehicles but most prefer to use animals or a wagon or simply walk. Technology is expensive and most peasants are not allowed to use it.




At this time , the Aydellon is one huge landmass surrounded by the ocean. This makes the world easier to get around!  Rain is completely unknown to the Aydellon. Instead of rain there is a heavy mist that comes out of the ground and soaks everything.  Strangely enough they do have clouds in the sky.  Koa’s town is called Smallpot, a small bustling town where each household  grows their own food or other services. They barter or use gold coins. Outside the town there are other towns and cities, some bigger some smaller . There is a huge forest that few have traveled deep into.  Past the forest there is the great desert.  It is very hot.  The dessert is huge and there are volcanoes on the harsh sand. Traveling across the desert is nearly impossible. You might fly but the constant vog and steam and eruptions make it extremely hazardous. The sand itself is always hot.  Some parts are so hot they will burst anything that touches them into flames (due to volcanoes being underneath).  The only people who cross with any regularity are dragons and other fiery creatures, and even they think it’s dangerous (usually if they cross they stay put in the forest as they never want to cross again!)  Past the desert are the Bad Lands. Dragon country. Nothing grows  there really, and there is no reason to go there.